Around Victoria Park: Jackie & David

Jan 23, 2018

I met Jackie training at PumpFit in Fort Lauderdale, and at first I didn’t realized anything out of the ordinary until I begin to pay attention and this Jackie girl is always first or second place in everything. So freaking strong! So I was like “Humm, who’s this girl, I need to do what she does to survive this.” So little by little we started kind of talking here and there, until one day Jackie realized I was a wedding photographer, that day we became BFF!!! Now it’s official I’m her wedding photographer and I better catch up with my workouts so I can keep up with her on their wedding day. I’m super excited to hang out with these two very soon!!!

This location by the way… It was my first time shooting around Victoria Park in Fort Lauderdale and it was gorgeous! That afternoon was like 72 degrees, a little cloudy and breeze, but it was for sure the most gorgeous day of the year. The lighting was soft and perfect and we were having such a great time. . I’ll let you guess which of the houses in the shoot was Jackie and David’s ;-)

With Love, Lara


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  1. Taz says:

    What a lovely set of photos! I really love your style of work. The photos have such a natural feel about them and so full of emotion.